Business Counselor

Every business is different, but all businesses need help untangling problems, structuring transactions and ensuring compliance with their policies and procedures.  Retain an experienced general counsel of a diverse Fortune 200 company to help guide you.


Real Estate

Real estate transactions require timely, expert legal guidance and a skilled negotiator.  Retain an attorney who has been hailed by clients and opposing counsel for his skill in relentlessly advocating for his client and finding creative solutions while never losing sight of the importance of getting the deal done.


Commercial Dispute Resolution

Not every deal works out the way you want.  Not every situation breaks the way you want it to.  When you sense things are not going well, or when a clear picture becomes murky or when you fear litigation, reach out to an experienced negotiator with a long and diverse track record of finding resolutions to commercial disputes.  Hire an attorney with a long track record of solving a diverse array of commercial disputes.


Corporate and Business Compliance

You spent months developing your policies and procedures, but do they work?  Who's checking to make sure they work the way you expect?  Are your policies having unintended consequences?  What happens when someone or some group does not comply with your company's policies?  No company is perfect and it is important to design, implement, inspect and update your corporate and business compliance program.  Retain legal counsel that has helped share a diverse array of compliance programs for a Fortune 200 Company. 

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